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Become a Friend and help with the establishment of the Botanic Gardens, a legacy for future generations. Friends will have a wide range of skills or interests – perhaps an interest in gardening, horticultural, botanical pursuits, financial skills, computing skills, administration skills, or fund raising. Join the Friends now and be a part of this exciting new project which will bring together a wide range of supporters who care about the community, its health and well being, care about the environment, are willing to assist and share a common vision for the future.

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Plant Growers Group

The plant growers group propagates and grows on plants for sale for the botanic gardens throughout the year. The main plant sale is held in conjunction with the Town and Country Open garden weekend in April when a pop up nursery is set up featuring many rare and unusual plants. Each year the plant growers group provide 3,000 to 4,000 plants for this weekend, raising much needed funds for the gardens.

From January to March the plant growers group meets on site on the first Tuesday of the month from 10am to 12 noon. From March to December the Plant Growers Group meet as advised in the newsletter.

For further information contact

Di Grant,Coordinator of the Plant Growers Group

Working Bees

Working Bees are held on the site every first Tuesday of the month 10am to 12 noon (except January)



From time to time we take photos of our activities which may include images of our friends and visitors. We like to use these photos on our web site and elsewhere as publicity, but obviously it would be impracticable to obtain releases from every individual who may appear in a photo. However if you would prefer not to appear in any photo published in this way, just let us know.

Propagation, the hot topic at the first Plant Workshop in 2014

by Carolyn Dwyer

As the most prolific growth time is happening right now, it is the ideal time to educate supporters of SHBG , both Friends and interested members of the public alike, in the skills of plant propagation. SHBG are fortunate to have the expertise of two former nursery owners and horticultural specialists, Charlotte Webb and Les Musgrave.

On Tuesday 17th January, thirty two enthusiastic plant growers met under canvas on a cool showery day at the SHBG site. They were there to learn the finer details of growing plants successfully from soft tip cuttings and by division. Charlotte Webb demonstrated using rare and unusual plants from her own garden. She spoke about collecting and drying seed heads and the rewards of watching them grow into vigorous new plants. There was also information about the correct propagation medium, the use of perlite and vermiculiteand the essential use of Premium potting mix when potting on.

Les Musgrave shared his knowledge of the preparation of plants for sale. He reminded participants of the importance of uniformity and cleanliness of containers. He talked about ensuring that plants look healthy by removing senescent leaves and keeping fertiliser up to them to produce flower heads as well as glossy foliage. Les had examples of plants that had been grown to their peak and were ready for sale. He set the bar high and his audience was impressed with the standard.

There was a ripple of enthusiasm in the crowd as they realised that many hands make lighter work and that they could add to the stunning display of sale plants in 2014 at the Town & Country Gardens weekend on 26, 27th April. Everyone went away to rummage in their garages and garden sheds to start potting up for Autumn.
After a week of extreme heat Friends of SHBG enjoyed the cool misty morning at the workshop