1. SHBG is holding its inaugural Sculpture in the Gardens exhibition and competition as the centre piece of its Earth Hour event on 27 March 2021.
  2. The event will recognise Earth Hour with a Sculpture Competition displaying sculptures that include 80% recycled materials.
  3. Entries are invited from established artists, new and aspiring artists and children from Junior School age up. We welcome and encourage first time exhibitors.


  1. The Earth Hour Sculpture Competition is open only to people living in the Shires of Wingecarribee, Wollondilly and Goulburn-Mulwaree.
  2. Junior and Senior schools may enter and must be located in one of the three Shires. Junior Schools and Senior Schools will be judged separately so they don’t compete.
  3. Entry is free.
  4. Entrants may enter up to three Works. No limit to number of entries from schools.
  5. Applications are to include a description, drawing or photograph of the Work, including measurements and materials used.
  6. Applications will be assessed by SHBG’s curators, Jane Cush and Dr Pamela James, and entrants advised of acceptance. There is no guarantee that a submission will be accepted.
  7. All Works will be judged, and finalists notified on 27 March. The public will be invited to vote for the People’s Choice in each Section from 26 March. Announcement of all winning entries will be made on 27 March at the community Earth Hour event, commencing at 5pm, at the site of SHBG.
  8. Judges’ criteria are based on recycled materials used and artistic merit of sculpture. Judges’ decisions will be final.
  9. The public exhibition of the sculptures will remain open until 9 April and can be sold. Works may be removed from the site from 28 March and must be removed by 12 April, unless otherwise agreed.


  1. Works must include at least 80% of recycled materials.
  2. Works must not exceed 2 cubic metres and be ready to exhibit.
  3. Works must be suitable for outdoor exhibition.


  1. Artists are encouraged to source recycled materials from the Wingecarribee Resource Recovery Centre.
  2. Artists are to identify the source of their recycled materials used in their Work.


  1. When submitting an EOI, artists are to consider safety, ease of installation and removal, the environment and the ability of their Work to withstand sun, strong wind, rain and playful children climbing on the sculpture.
  2. Works that incorporate fire or loud amplified sound are not eligible.
  3. Works considered by SHBG to be unsafe will not be eligible or will not be installed.
  4. SHBG is committed to maintaining and supporting events that include participation from the broader community and are not discriminatory or offensive in any way.


  1. It is important that any substantial changes to Work after its acceptance, are submitted to SHBG prior to delivery.
  2. Information is to be provided on delivery of the Work (or earlier) for inclusion on exhibition signage and in exhibition catalogue, to include:
  • title of the Work;
  • a ‘story’ about the Work telling the inspiration or concept and how it responds to sustainability;
  • a description of all materials used and source of recycled materials;
  • artist’s name (a list of names and school for school entries of collaborative work);
  • a ‘story’ about the artist;
  • date of creation (which must not be more than three years prior to Earth Hour 2020 event);
  • price of the Work (if for sale).

No commercial logos or websites are to be displayed on the Works.


  1. The artist (or school) is responsible for delivery and installation of Works by 24 March. An appointment is to be made with SHBG admin to arrange a suitable delivery time and location of selected exhibition space for installation.
  2. Every consideration will be given by the curators for a suitable exhibition space for each sculpture, but a particular space is not guaranteed.
  3. It is the artist’s responsibility for the transportation of sculptures to and from the site (including delivery to a buyer) and removal of all packaging materials.
  4. It is the artist’s responsibility for installing and removing the sculpture and all tools required for installation should be brought with the delivery of the Work. High viz jackets are to be worn during installation.
  5. If there are special installation requirements, such as lighting, machinery to assist installation or structural support, the artist is to notify SGBG ahead of delivery. Costs incurred for special installation will be borne by the artist.
  6. SHBG reserves the right to not accept late deliveries. No refund of entry fee will be made.


  1. Transport of work to and from the site and related costs, including transit insurance, are the sole responsibility of the artist.
  2. SHBG insurance cover is limited to public liability and does not cover damage to exhibits, transport to and from the site or installation. There is no accidental and malicious damage insurance to cover the sculptures.
  3. All risk of sculptures in the exhibition remains with the artist at all times, irrespective of whether the Work is being handled by SHBG volunteers, on or off site or in transit. No liability will be accepted by SHBG. By signing the Expression of Interest, the artist accepts all risk for their sculpture.
  4. All care will be taken of the Works and the SHBG exhibition site is within a fenced area that will be locked at night.


  1. Sculptures exhibited at Sculpture in the Gardens will be offered for sale unless the artist indicates otherwise.
  2. When pricing the work, the artist is to include 33.3% commission, including GST, in the sale price. If the artist is represented by a gallery or agent at the time of entry, SHBG will pay the gallery or agent 10% commission on any sale, less bank and credit card charges. Commission will not be shared with the gallery or agent if the artist themselves is the agent or the gallery director.
  3. For artists who become represented by a gallery during the period of the Exhibition, no commission on the sale of any Works will be shared with the gallery or agent.
  4. The artist agrees that SHBG is an authorised agent of the artist. However, all risk in the work remains with the artist until possession is taken by the buyer.
  5. SHBG will take the proceeds of sales of Works. Payment to the artist for the sale of their Work will be made within four weeks after the close of the exhibition, ie by 7 May, provided full payment has been received.
  6. By entering the Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens competition, artists give SHBG permission to reproduce the work for non-commercial purposes, including the promotion of future SHBG events in both print and electronic media. Acknowledgement of authorship will be made.


  1. All the Conditions of Entry form part of the Terms and Conditions for entering the SHBG Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens Competition.
  2. By submitting an Expression of Interest, an artist agrees with all these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions will result in the artist forfeiting any prize money or award.
  3. Artists are encouraged to use social media to promote their Work entered in the competition. Artists are not to promote their sponsors in any way that would cause others to think they were sponsoring the SHBG Sculpture in the Gardens Competition or that the artist’s sculpture was a focus of the Exhibition.
  4. SHBG has the right to reproduce images of the sculpture to be exhibited, whether provided by the artist or by SHBG, for the purposes of publicity, social media, inclusion in a catalogue, advertising or other non-commercial use.
  5. The artist acknowledges that the Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens Competition is run by SHBG as a not-for-profit organisation. Accordingly, each artist who exhibits a sculpture assigns SHBG that part of the worldwide copyright in the work which confers the exclusive right to make two dimensional copies of the work based on photographs taken while it is part of the Earth Hour Sculpture in the Gardens Competition. This right is to ensure SHBG is in a position to stop third parties using images from the Competition for advertising campaigns, except for campaigns SHBG approves of and with payment of an appropriate licence fee to SHBG and the artist.
  6. Artists agree that their Works will not affect the environment or the SHBG site in any lasting way.