A local community event open to everyone



  1. Entries are invited from individuals or teams.
  2. There is no entry fee.
  3. There is no limit to the number of entries from individuals or teams.

Important Dates

11 September – completed entry form due

17 September to 18 September –Scarecrow installation. Must be installed by 9am, 18 September

18 September – Commencement of exhibition and announcement of winners during event

26 September – 5pm. Final date and time for Scarecrows to be removed from the gardens


Open Section – over 18 years

Senior – 12- 18 years

Junior – Up to 12 years

Team – Families, schools or other teams


  1. Scarecrows must be self-supported and withstand all weather.
  2. The scarecrow minimum size is 1 metre and must be securely mounted in the ground.
  3. Scarecrows considered by SHBG to be unsafe will not be eligible and will not be allowed to  be installed.
  4. SHBG is committed to maintaining and supporting events that include participation from the broader community and are not discriminatory or offensive in any way.
  5. No commercial logos or websites are to be displayed on the scarecrow.
  6. It is the participants responsibility  for installing and removing the scarecrow and all tools required for installation and removal of the scarecrow should be brought with the delivery of the work.
  7. Transport of the work to and from the site and related costs, including transit insurance are the sole responsibility of the participant.
  8. SHBG insurance cover is limited to public liability and does not cover damage to the scarecrow, transport to and from the site or installation.  There is no accidental and malicious damage insurance to cover the scarecrow.
  9. All risk of scarecrows in the competition remains with the participant at all times, irrespective of whether the work is being handled by SHBG, volunteers, on or off site or in transit.  No liability will be accepted by SHBG.  By signing the entry form the participant accepts all risk for their scarecrow.


  1. All the Conditions of Entry form part of the Terms and Conditions for entering the Scarecrow competition community event.
  2. By submitting an Entry Form, a participant agrees with all these Terms and Conditions.
  3. SHBG has the right to reproduce images of the scarecrows in the competition for the purposes of publicity, social media, inclusion in a catalogue, advertising or other non-commercial use.
  4. Participants agree that their Works will not affect the environment or the SHBG site in any lasting way.