Welcome! And thank you for becoming part of our valuable Volunteers team. A short site induction will help you become familiar with facilities and safety concerns. Please read the following guidelines to familiarise yourself with working in the gardens.

1. For insurance purposes you will need to complete the Volunteers Registration after reading the Volunteer Agreement. This helps us identify your emergency contacts and any allergies or health matters should they be needed.

2. Please wear sun protective clothing and bring a hat, gloves, sunscreen and water. Covered shoes or boots are also required. Gardens are homes to spiders and snakes, especially around wet areas, so awareness is key! We have a first aid officer in attendance at every volunteer day, and a first aid kit with defibrillator on site. Please report any incidents to the site manager as soon as they occur. Usually this will be Charlotte Webb or the nursery manager.

3. Working Bees are held every Tuesday, from 9am to 11am in summer and 10am to 12noon March to November. We stop for morning tea, and often a short talk, so bring something small to share. Tea and coffee are provided, but a mug is needed. You are welcome to bring visitors, and to introduce others as volunteers. We also run plant and gardening workshops usually in July and January, which you are most welcome to attend.

4. Please bring along your favourite garden hand tools. (We have some spares.) We will provide on the job training. If you wish to bring plants onto the site for identification could you ensure they are placed in sealed plastic bags. We are a plant propagation site and need to adhere to plant hygiene protocols.

5. The evacuation point is situated at the Kangaloon Road gates near the site shed.

6. The Botanic Gardens site is open to the public every day.

7. Please do not take cuttings or seeds, or pick flowers without permission.Above all, enjoy your volunteering experience with Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens.

Any enquires please contact Administration Officer Anne Kragh. m.0456 752595,e. admin@shbg.com.au