Gowan Brae

Address: 14 Charlotte St, Burradoo
Owned by: Richard & Heather Cant

A large town garden famous for its roses and perennials. The Cants have created a classic English-style plant lovers’ garden.
Skillful plantings of harmonious colours and rich textures have created mixed borders that surround a croquet lawn, drifting apparently effortlessly from one colour theme.
Towards the back of the property is the woodland garden, which features mature eucalyptus trees underplanted with European woodland species, ferns and Australian natives. The shade of the woodland garden provides a contrast to the light-filled borders and lawns.
The removal of a large row of pines several years ago created new opportunities along the eastern boundary which blend effortlessly into the overall garden scheme
The garden has been masterfully planted so that even the most tricky cold and moisture-loving species flourish in the harsh Australian conditions. 1.5 acres.
Please note – no dogs allowed