Donations to SHBG are important

Donations to SHBG are vitally important to fund the development of the garden and to assist with operational costs. SHBG will show its appreciation for donations by public acknowledgement, unless the donor chooses otherwise.

Recognition of Founders

SHBG may, from time-to-time, identify a particular project as the subject of a funding campaign. A funding campaign for a specific project may invite donations for an identified minimum amount that will enable the donor to become a Founder of that project. Donations made as a Founder may be pledged to be made over a period of time as specified in the particular funding campaign.

Recognition of a Founder of a project will be on a special plaque that identifies the Founders and situated on or near the project. Naming rights of the project may also be considered.

Donations that are made in response to a funding campaign that are of a smaller amount than that required for a donor to be recognised as a Founder are always welcome. Such donations will be recognised as a General donation.

Recognition for General donations

General-purpose donations (cash) are used at the discretion of SHBG. Levels of support for donations made in a financial year are:

    • Diamond Supporter: $1 million or more period negotiable
    • Platinum Supporter: $500,000 to $999,999 period negotiable
    • Gold Supporter: $10,000 to $499,999 in a financial year
    • Silver Supporter: $5,000 to $9,999 in a financial year
    • Bronze Supporter: $500 to $4,999 in a financial year

A pledge of a bequest of $500,000 or more will also be acknowledged.

Names of donors will be included in an honour roll for a period following the year in which the donation was made, or the donor may choose to be listed as anonymous. The honour roll will be published on the SHBG website and in the Annual Report for the relevant year.

Make monthly donations now, to qualify as a Supporter for this financial year.

Director's Circle

SHBG will establish a Directors’ Circle at a later time post COVID-19. Donors who are Gold, Platinum or Diamond Supporters will be included in the Directors’ Circle, and others will be invited to join, in addition to recognition on the honour roll. Members of the Directors’ Circle will be invited to attend special social and educational events. Such events will not be elaborate, as lavish expenditure belies the purpose and value of donations made.

Recognition for Specific-purpose donations

Specific-purpose donations are those made for a specified project, or substantial part of such a project, for example, a large garden feature or the Visitor Centre. Projects can be discussed with a donor at any time.

Acknowledgement of a specific-purpose donation will be on a plaque situated on or near the project that was supported by the donor. The life of the plaque and the wording will be negotiated with the donor. Naming rights may also be considered.

Donations for smaller purposes, such as trees, benches and pavers are recognised by a plaque on or near that item.