Event Booking Form for Private Use
Is the event a private, personal event or for a commercial or not for profit events?
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If you are bringing equipment please include additional time to set up and clean up


Event Package

Please Note: Packages are only available to clients booking an event in the Pioneer Square and lawn. Package consists of 40 white chairs, 1 red carpet, 1 signing table with white cloth.

Equipment and Entertainment

Please refer to Terms and Conditions
If you answer yes you will need to discuss with SHBG. Please include delivery and setup time (bump in) and removal (bump out) in event details above

All events in the SHBG grounds are required to comply with the Event Terms and Conditions.
Please Note: In consideration to other visitors your event must not run over time.
I have read and agree to comply with the attached Terms and Conditions

Full payment of the fee and bond is required at the time of confirming the booking and no later than two weeks prior to the event date, or bump in date, whichever is earlier.
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