Betula (Birch) Collection

Birch and in particular Silver Birch are very useful urban trees. They offer decorative bark, Autumn colour, a variety of leaf shapes and colour, are both compact and easy to grow in most situations but best of all they look magnificent in a group or grove.

Our collection is very extensive and includes quite rare species such as B. albosinensis septentronalis and the dwarf swamp birch Betula pumila which is the only birch to turn red in autumn.

The collection features white trunk trees with purple leaves, very dissected green leaves, yellow or red new branches and naturally weeping trees. The Birch grove has now reached a degree of maturity which makes their white trunks a force in the Winter garden.

Our appreciation is extended to Highlands Garden Society who generously donated the funds to establish this collection.

When you wander through the birch grove you will come across the sculpture ‘Wings of Dreams’ by Tony Emmett, dedicated to Tony Davis and Maureen Purtell. Tony and Maureen, along with Tony and Ann Emmett, helped to inspire these Botanic Gardens. Growing under the birch grove you will find the ‘National Tony Davis Daffodil Collection’ with over 60 locally bred daffodils, many of which have won national awards.

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