Buxus Collection

Several years ago we were offered a Buxus collection which had been imported from the USA by a local enthusiast, Dr Anthony di Francesco. The imported plants came from the US National Arboretum which holds the USA National Boxwood Collection.

The collection contained many species not otherwise known of in Australia, B. sempervirens pendula, B. sempervirens Handsworthiensis  along with the B. sinica insularis Green series bred in Canada.

In the meantime another local enthusiast Charlotte Webb was putting her own Buxus collection together, including Buxus balaerica, B. harlandii, B. microphylla ‘Compacta’, and B.sempervirens ‘Latifolia maculata’. Amazingly when the 2 collections were put together there was no overlap!

Over the past few years 2 more Buxus have been found growing locally, B.sempervirens ‘Pendula Aurea’ and an unidentified small leafed fastigiate Buxus just waiting to be identified. Both these Buxus were supplied by Berrima Bridge Nurseryman Claude Crowe.

SHBG is the beneficiary of these collections which are now thriving in the gardens.

Buxus are generally hardy and well known for their hedging qualities.  A  feature of our Garden will be the large ornamental contemporary parterre which will feature many hundreds of our Buxus

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