Volunteer Agreement

This document is an agreement between Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens Limited (SHBG) and the volunteer. It is not intended to be a legally binding contract between us and it may be cancelled at any time by either SHBG or you.

  1. You are a volunteer – As a volunteer you perform all duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work, other than reasonable reimbursement of expenses (see below at Paragraph 9).

Neither we nor you intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created, i.e.  you are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at SHBG.  If this changes at any time and there is a possibility that you might undertake paid work for the organisation or be involved in vocational training, we will discuss this and document the arrangement in a formal employment contract, contract for services or other arrangement.

  1. What you can expect when volunteering at SHBG – SHBG values its volunteers and we will endeavour to provide you with:
  • Where applicable, a written position description so you understand your role and the tasks you are authorised to perform
  • Where applicable, an induction, orientation and any training necessary for the volunteer role
  • Respect for your privacy, including keeping your private information confidential
  • Where applicable, a supervisor, so that you have the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback (see below at Paragraph 4)
  • Reimbursement for your reasonable expenses so you are not out-of-pocket as a result of volunteering for us (for further information see below at Paragraph 9), and
  • Insurance to cover you for the volunteer duties you are authorised to perform (see below at Paragraph 10).
  1. What SHBG asks of its volunteers – We ask that you:
  • Support SHBG’s aims and objectives
  • Participate in all relevant induction and training programs
  • Only undertake duties you are authorised to perform and always operate under the direction and supervision of nominated staff and volunteers and obey reasonable directions and instructions
  • Understand and adhere to SHBG’s Operating Procedures for Working with Children and Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Understand and comply with relevant SHBG policies and procedures, including privacy.
  • Notify your supervisor or another member of staff of any health and safety issues or potentially hazardous situations that may pose a risk to you or others and report any accidents or incidents relating to staff, volunteers, or the workplace
  • Behave appropriately and courteously to all volunteers, staff, clients and the public in the course of your role
  • Use any property or equipment given to you in your role safely and only for the purpose of the role and return it to the organisation when you finish your volunteer role
  • Let us know if you wish to change the nature of your contribution (e.g. hours, role) to SHBG at any time
  • Comply with the law at all times
  • Be open and honest in your dealings with us and let us know if we can improve our volunteer program and the support that you receive
  1. Contact person – If you have any questions or concerns about your role, your health and safety, or if there is any assistance you need to help you undertake your role, please contact your supervisor or a member of staff as soon as possible.
  2. Role description and details – It is important that you only perform the tasks that you are capable of performing and that we have from time to time approved, and that you follow the instructions of your supervisor and our staff. It is also important that you are not affected by drugs or alcohol when you are volunteering.  If you are unsure whether a particular task or work is authorised, please do not hesitate to talk to your supervisor.
  3. The health and safety of you and others – At SHBG volunteer safety, and the safety of everyone who is involved in our organisation, is a priority. Under Workplace Health and Safety laws, SHBG has a duty of care to minimise risks to everyone affected by its conduct (including paid employees and volunteers).  It also means that as a volunteer, you may have Workplace Health and Safety duties too.  These include:
  • To take reasonable care for your own health and safety
  • To take reasonable care for the health and safety of others
  • To comply with any reasonable instruction by SHBG
  • To let SHBG know of any concerns you may have about safety and/or fitness in undertaking your role, and
  • To cooperate with any reasonable policies and procedures of SHBG.

Where applicable, we will provide you with an induction, safety equipment and role training when you commence as a volunteer with us, however, please do not hesitate to talk to your supervisor or a member of staff at any time if you have any health and safety concerns.

  1. 7. Induction and training required before you start in the volunteer role – SHBG is committed to providing suitable training in support of our health and safety, discrimination and privacy policies. For this reason, it is our policy that all volunteers undertake applicable induction and/or training prior to commencing their volunteer position.
  2. Information we require before you can start in the volunteer role – Before you can commence the volunteer role we need you to complete our Volunteer Details and Registration form, and provide such other information as SHBG may from time to time require .
  3. Volunteer expenses and other benefits – As a volunteer we will provide you with reimbursement for any reasonable out-of-pocket expenses that you incur when performing authorised tasks associated with your role.

We do this to ensure that you are not financially disadvantaged as a result of your volunteer position with us.  These payments are not remuneration or wages.  You might need prior approval and will always need to produce receipts.

We may sometimes provide you with other benefits as part of your volunteering role (examples include training, free food, clothing or equipment).  Where this occurs, it is on a gratuitous basis at our discretion and is not payment in lieu of salary.

  1. Insurance – We are committed to providing adequate insurance cover for volunteers whilst carrying out their volunteering roles that have been approved and authorised by us. Insurance is available to volunteers up to and including 90 years of age (reduced cover applies from age 80).

To ensure this insurance covers you for any incidents that occur whilst you are volunteering with us, you must report any such accidents or incidents promptly to your supervisor.

We want to let you know that the following events are unlikely to be covered by our insurance:

  • Actions that are beyond the scope of your volunteer role, or that occur without appropriate authority or permission from us
  • Criminal activity (including criminal charges arising out of driving incidents)
  • Dishonest or reckless activities
  • Travel between home and work if not direct
  1. Intellectual Property – All volunteers at SHBG agree to transfer all intellectual property rights and interests (including copyright) in any ideas or materials they create relating to their provision of voluntary services at SHBG to SHBG.

Volunteers are taken to consent to SHBG the use of such creations in a manner reasonably contemplated by the voluntary services provided under this document.  As a volunteer, you also agree not to bring any claim for infringement of your moral rights in respect of that use.