List of Available Pre-Loved books

December 2023

This list is accurate as at 1 December 2023, although it is not a comprehensive list.

AuthorTitleCategoryDate of Publication
Martin Adams, GeorgeBirdscaping your GardenBirds1980
Bird, RichardThe Complete Book of Hardy Perennials Bulbs & Perennials 1993
Brown, KathyBulbs for all Seasons Bulbs & Perennials 2000
Simpson, A.G.WGrowing Bulbs Bulbs & Perennials 1985
Grace, Julie Bulbs and Perennials Bulbs & Perennials 1984
Searle, AlanBulbs and Perennials Bulbs & Perennials 1985
Russell, VivianMonet's Water LilliesGarden Design1998
Strong, RoyA Small Garden Designer's Handbook Garden Design1987
Schinz M & Van Zuylen,GThe Gardens of Russell PageGarden Design1991
Schenk, GeorgeGardening on Pavement, Tables and Hard SurfacesGarden Design2003
Van Sweden, JamesBold Romantic GardensGarden Design1989
Moar, Brendan Grounded - Design Fundamentals Garden Design2005
Ketchell, RobertJapanese Gardens In A Weekend Garden Design2001
Dessain Et TolraColouring For Mindfulness NatureGarden Design2014
Abbott, Marylyn Gardening with Light and ColourGarden Design1999
Lawson, AndrewThe Gardener's book of ColourGarden Design1996
Stevens, DavidCreative Garden DesignsGarden Design1986
Urquhart, PaulThe New Native Garden Designing with Australian PlantsGarden Design1999
Pfeiffer, AndrewAustralian Garden Design: In Search of an Australian Style Australian Garden DesignGarden Design1985
McMaster, N & Edmanson, JaneIdeas From Private Gardens Garden Design1986
Kelly, FrancisA Simple Pleasure: The Art of Garden Making In AustraliaGarden Design1982
Pereire, AnitaGardens of the 21st Century Garden Design1999
Strong, Roy Creating Small Formal Gardens Garden Design1989
Verey, RosemaryClassic Garden Design Garden Design 1984
Hobhouse, PenelopePenelope Hobhouse’s Gardening Through the Ages Garden History1992
Adams, Brian The Flowering Of The Pacific Garden History1986
Aitken, RichardBotanical RichesGarden History2006
Proudfoot, HelenGardens in Bloom: Jocelyn Brown and her GardensGarden History1989
Proudfoot, HelenGardens in Bloom: Jocelyn Brown and her GardensGarden History1982
Foryth, Holly KerrGardens in My Year: Inside Australian Gardens Garden History2000
Aitken, RichardGardenesque A celebration of Australian gardening Garden History2004
Oldham, John and RayGardens in Time Garden History1980
Wilson, EdwinThe Wishing TreeGarden Ornament1992
Plumptre, GeorgeGarden Ornament. Five hundred Years of HistoryGarden Ornament1998
Readers DigestCare Free PlantsGardening2003
Mann, Roger The Ultimate Book of Flowers Gardening1995
Reader's Digest Complete Book of GardeningGardening2010
Beckett,Bradley,KingsburyComplete Gardening HandBookGardening1998
Ross, Linda, Sandra and GrahamFrom the ground upGardening2010
Tanner, OgdenGardening America Gardening1989
Stevens, David & Buchan, UrsulaThe Conrad Octopus Garden BookGardening 1997
Reader's Digest Illustrated Guide to Gardening Gardening 2010
Reader's DigestShort Cuts to Great GardensGardening 2010
Thompson ,E & Eclare, MThe New Country Garden Gardening 2001
Vanrenen, JudyAlong the Garden PathGardening 2017
PhaidonThe Garden BookGardening 2000
RHSThe RHS Australian Gardening Manual Gardening Australia2000
YatesYates Garden Guide 1895-1995Gardening Australia1994
Moore, JudyThe Complete Australian GardenerGardening Australia1980
Swane, ValerieWeekend GardenerGardening Australia1990
Better Homes and Gardens The Complete Aussie Backyard Book Gardening Australia1996
Kerr Forsyth, HolleyThe Constant GardenerGardening Australia2007
Macaboy, Stirling The Ultimate Australian Gardening Book Gardening Australia1995
Blazey,CliveThe Australian Flower GardenGardening Australia2001
RHS -Spence ,IanGarden Plants and Flowers in AustraliaGardening Australia2007
Law-Smith, JoanThe Uncommon GardenGardening Australia1983
Kostial, DianeGardens of America Gardens of America1989
Henty, CarolFor the People's Pleasure : Australian Botanic Gardens Gardens of Australia1988
Tanner, Howard & Begg, JaneThe Great Gardens of AustraliaGardens of Australia1976
Holden, PatrickThe GAIA Organic Gardening BookGardens of Australia2005
Watts, Peter The Gardens of Edna Wallings Gardens of Australia1981
Bligh, BeatriceCherish the Earth The story of Gardening in AustraliaGardens of Australia1980
Valder, PeterGardens of China Gardens of China 2002
Hellyer, ArthurGardens of GeniusGardens of Genius1980
Adohna, Countess UrsulaPrivate Gardens Of Germany Gardens of Germany1986
Nuttle, TrevorGardens of the Sun Gardens of the Sun 1996
Scott James, AnneSissinghurst -The Making of a Garden Gardens of the UK1975
Brown, JaneThe Garden Of Buckingham Palace An illustrated history Gardens of the UK2004
Clarke, Ethne & Perry, ClayEnglich Country Gardens Gardens of the UK1985
Hardy, AmiesThe New Englishwomen's GardenGardens of the UK1987
Kiam Chua, EEWetlands in a City -The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve Gardens of the World2010
Jury, Jamie 100 GardensGardens of the World2011
Don, Monty Around The World In 80 Gardens Gardens of the World2007
Callery, EmmaThe Complete Book of HerbsHerbs1995
Wilkinson, JenniferHerbs and FlowersHerbs1989
Titmus , DawnThe Book of HerbsHerbs2000
Powling, S & Sanders,MHerbs and AromaticsHerbs1993
Moult, AllanThe Herbal Garden. Herbs in the garden, the household & HistoryHerbs2001
Tolley, E & Mead, CHerbs. Garden, Decoration and RecipesHerbs1985
Holt , GeraldineThe Complete Book of HerbsHerbs1991
Garland, SarahThe Herbs and Spices BookHerbs1979
Keville, KathiThe Illustrated Herb Encyclopedia Herbs1991
Michael, PamelaA Country HarvestHerbs1986
Hay, RoyThe Dictionary Of Indoor Plants Indoor Plants1974
Macoboy, StirlingWhat Indoor plant is That? Indoor plants1978
Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Indoor Plants Indoor Plants2010
Ruck, Nigel Love Your LawnLawn2011
Australian Plant Study Group Grow What Wet Australian Plant Study Group Native Gardens1982
Molyneaux, Bill & MacDonald RossNative Gardens, How to create Australian LandscapesNative Gardens1983
Morcombe, MichaelNative Trees & Shrubs For Australian GardensNative Gardens1989
Greig, DeniseThe Australian Gardener's Wildflower CatalogueNative Gardens1987
Elliot, GwenAustralian Plants, For small gardens and ContainersNative Gardens1988
Gardner, C. A Wild Flowers of Western Australia Native Gardens1981
Chadwick, DAustralian Native Gardening - Made EasyNative Gardens1985
Patrick , JohnThe Australian Garden; Designs and Plants for TodayNative Gardens1985
Hutchison, FrancisAustralian Native Plants for Rockeries & Ground coverNative Gardens1986
Greig, DeniseArranging Australian WildflowersNative Gardens1988
Botanica500 Trees & Shrubs For Australian GardenersNative Gardens2001
Australian Plant Study GroupGrow What WhereNative Gardens1980
Garnet, J,RWild Flowers of Western Australia Native Gardens1974
Tanner, Howard Towards An Australian GardenNative Gardens1983
DPIOrnamental Plants-Pests, Diseases& DosordersPests and Diseases1996
Clyne, DenseyThe Garden Jungle Pests and Diseases1979
McMaugh, Judy What garden Pest or Disease is that ?Pests and Diseases1985
Stewart, AngusLets Propagate Angus Stewart Plant Propagation2001
Macaboy, Stirling What flower is that?Plants1990
Sheen, JoannaPressed FlowersPlants1988
Rowell, RaymondOrnamental Flowering TreesPlants1980 & 1991
Rowell, RaymondOrnamental Flowering ShrubsPlants1980
Lord, Ernest & Willis, JShrubs and trees for Australian Gardens Plants1982
Moore, Woffenden, HutchisonOrnamental Trees and Shrubs For Australian Gardens Plants1983
RHS Garden Trees Plants1996
Bryant, GeoffGrowing Azaleas and RhododendronsPlants Azaleas and Rhododendrons1995
Lamb, Brian A guide to Cactus of the World Plants Cactus1991
Murray Book DistributorsChrysanthemums their colourful kin and friendsPlants Chrysanthemums1979
Horch, Walter Success with Clematis Plants Clematis
Cerovsky, Jan Endangered Plants Plants Endangered 1995
Newdick, JaneThe Magic of FlowersPlants Flowers1989
Lawless, JuliaThe Fragrant GardenPlants Fragrant2005
Murray Book DistributorsGeraniums their colourful kin and friendsPlants Geraniums 1978
Arden, PaulThe Hosta Book Plants Hostas 1998
McNaughton, VirginiaThe Essential Lavender- The gardens guide Plants Lavender 1996
McNaughton, VirginiaLavender The Growers Guide Plants Lavender 2000
Wrigley and FaggBanksias, Waratahs and GrevilleasPlants Native1991
Wrigley and FaggAustralian native plants Plants Native
Chadwick, DickNative plants made easyPlants Native2003
Farley and MooreNative plants of the Sydney DistrictPlants Native1989
Blombery, Alec & Rodd, TonyPalms of the World, Cultivation, Care and Landscape usePlants Palms1983
Krempin, JackPalms and Cycads ( Around the World) Plants Palms and Cycads1995
The Royal Horticultural Society Rock Plants The Royal Horticultural Society Plants Rockery1997
Harland, W&S Growing Cactus and Succulents W&S Harland Plants Succulents/ Cactus1991
Rowley, GordonThe Illustrated Encyclopedia of Succulents/ Cactus Plants Succulents/ Cactus 1978
De Bray, LysThe Wild GardenPlants Wildflowers1978
Valder, PeterWisterias - A comprehensive GuidePlants Wisterias 1996
Bird, RichardThe Illustrated Practical Encyclopaedia of Pruning, Training and TopiaryPruning2005
Hardy, JennyQuick and Easy Topiary & Green SculpturesPruning1996
Reed, DavidThe Art and Craft of Stonework, Drystacking, MortoringStonework2003
Stewart, Angus & Leake, SimonGrow your Own How to be an Urban FarmerVegetable Gardening 2017
Yepsen, RogerBerriesVegetable Gardening 2006
Herd, Meg The Food GardenVegetable Gardening 1994
McFarlane, AnnetteOrganic Vegetable Gardening - Gardening AustraliaVegetable Gardening 2001
Gilbert. AllenTomatoes for EveryoneVegetable Gardening 1987
Gunter & GreenThe Cook's GardenVegetable Gardening 2000
Buckingham, Alan Vegie Patch How to grow your own Food Vegetable Gardening
Rees, Yvonne & Sutherland, NeilWater Gardens (Practical Step by Step Guide) Water Gardens 2002
Jansen, AntjeSuccess with Plants for your Garden PondWater Gardens