Plants available in the Nursery as at 1 December 2023

Latin NameCommon NameShort description
Abelia x grandiflora 'Snow Shower'Variegated dwarf abeliaShiny white variegated leaves on a low growing shrub which becomes smothered in bee attracting pink/white flowers over the warmer months.
Acer palmatumJapanese mapleSmall tree valued highly for its pretty, dissected leaves which turn vibrant red/orange in autumn. Excellent courtyard tree.
Achillea millefolium AlbaWhite yarrowDense, dark green ferny foliage forms a low, growing ground cover. Small white flowers appear on top of long stems in summer and autumn.
Achillea ptarmica The PearlStrongly clumping yarrow with White double flowers.Needs full sun. Adaptable to most soils
Agastache Sweet LilyPink agastacheDark pink tubular flowers are carried on tall stiff stems from mid-summer until late autumn. Full sun. Bird attracting
Ajania pacifica 'Bess'Dense bushy shrub attractive all year. Produces thick clusters of small cream daises with a yellow centre in autumn. Thrives in well drained soil.
Ajuga reptans Pink ElfThick ground cover matting plant, with pretty pink spire flowers in spring. Sun to semi shade
Allium senescens ssp. montanum var. 'Glaucum'Curly alliumPerennial bulbous plant, amethyst flowers summer and autumn. Blue, curling leaves. Sun, light shade.
Alstroemeria psittacinaParrot LilyThe trumpet-shaped flowers demand attention, with their unusual combination of crimson and light green. This easy-to-grow plant adds a tropical touch to any garden.
Amsonia tabernaemontanaPretty starry light blue flowers. Full sun. Good autumn tones
Anemone x hybrida Single WhiteJapanese WindflowerShade loving perennial with pretty star shaped single white flowers held high above the palmate leaves in autumn.
Anisodontea capensis African PrincessVigorous evergreen shrub, very hardy and drought tolerant. Pink flowers throughout the season in flushes. Full sun
Anthemis ‘Mrs E. C. Buxton’ Evergreen mounds of fern-like leaves are smothered in soft lemon daisy type flowers from spring to summer. Full sun, drought hardy once established.
AquilegiaGranny's BonnetClump-forming perennial, lacy grey green foliage, various coloured flowers spring and summer. Self seeds. Partial shade.
Araucaria bidwilliiBunya bunyaMagnificent statement tree. Ancient and coniferous, large cones. Australia
Arctotis PinkGrey leafed groundcover with pretty pink daisy flowers. Loves sun and heat.
Artemisia alba 'Canescens'A semi-evergreen, sub-shrub of bushy habit. It has beautifully dissected silver foliage. In summer it bears small yellow flowers.
Artemisia arborescens 'Powis Castle'Powis castleSuperb foliage plant with finely textured silver-grey foliage and an attractive mounding habit. Use to accentuate ornamental grasses
Artemisia vulgaris 'Oriental Limelight'Golden artemisiaAttractive variegated shrub. Full sun , drought tolerant, frost hardy. Very tough and a feature in the border.
Arthropodium cirratumRenga lilyA hardy NZ evergreen clumping perennial with broad lush green foliage it bears graceful sprays of starry white flowers in summer. Part shade, dry
Arum Pink MistStrong growing arum with white flowers blushed pink. Very hardy, full sun.
Asplenium surrogatumLord Howe Island fernFern native to Lord Howe Island. Part to full shade
Aster novi-belgiiMichaelmas DaisyGood white flowered aster, vigourous and low maintenance. Minimum water requirements. Easy care
Babiana strictaBaboon flowerStunning freesia like flowers in shades of blue/purple. The dark green foliage creates a neat fan like clump. Full sun
BegoniaRobust plants with eye catching varied leaf colours. Easy to grow in partial shade outside or indoors. Frost tender.
Bergenia cordifoliaHeartleaf bergeniaClump-forming perennial with large leathery leaves, some winter colour. Pink flowers winter and spring. Sun or part shade.
Betula pendulaSilver leaf BirchSmall, slnder deciduous tree with white bark. Leaves turn butter yellow in autumn
Billbergia nutansQueen's tearsUniquely beautiful pink flowering very hardy plants. For Pot, Patio, Garden or Hanging basket.
Buddleia lindleyanaWeeping butterfly bushArching 30cm long racemes of fragrant purple flowers Glossy, deep evergreen foliage with cinnamon trunk. Bees and butterfly magnet.
Buddleia salviifoliaSouth African Wood SageOpen growing vigourous buddleia. Pale mauve flower panicles are a magnet to butterflies in the garden.
Buddleja davidii RedStrong red terminal flowers throughout the warmer months. Very attractive to bees and butterflies. Easy care. Needs full sun.
Calibrachoa PinkA low, spreading habit and is usually covered in small, bell-like pink flowers that resemble miniature petunias.
Callicarpa japonica LeucocarpaWhite beauty bush Small pink summer flowers followed by bunches of showy white berries which are held on bare branches through winter
Campanula porscharskyanaSerbian bellflowerPretty blue star shaped flowers smother this trailing ground cover. Best in full sun to part shade
Campanula porscharskyana AlbaWall bellflowerLow-growing, white free-flowering summer to autumn ground cover for edging, rock garden, walls. Easy to grow.
Carex albula Frosted CurlsCurly sedgeDensely tufted grass like plant with arching narrow silver green leaves
Carex comans 'Bronze Form'Reddish brown foliage in a low mounding habit. Don't overwater.
Carex testaceaOrange nz sedgeLight orange-bronze foliage that shimmers in the sun. Excellent feature plant. Low maintenance.
Carpobrotus PinkPink Pig FaceSucculent groundcover with bright pink daisy type flowers in summer. Salt spray tolerant. Withstands mild frosts.
Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Lisaura'Golden lime green leaves with lavender blue flowers in late summer/autumn. Full sun
Caryopteris x clandonensis 'Longwood Blue'Longwood blue bluebeardSky blue flowers topping silvery foliage. Hardy, prefers well drained soils
Centaurea gymnocarpa 'Silver Fountain'Silver fountain dusty millerSilver-leafed evergreen sub-shrub. Amethyst flowers in spring, may repeat. Full sun or light shade in a dry spot.
Chitalpa tashkentensis xA very showy, drought tolerant small tree. Flowers from summer to early autumn. Terminal white flushed pink/mauve trumpet flowers.
Cistus purpureaHardy evergreen with open mauve/purple/pink flowers in spring. Do not overwater. Full sun
Coreopsis 'Congo'An easy care plant with daisy type flowers that are rosy orange with pink highlights produced in abundance during the warmer months.
Cornus alba 'Sibirica'Red stemmed dogwoodWonderful vibrant red stems feature in winter when the shrub has lost its leaves. The colder the winter the better the red.
Cornus sericea KelseyiCompact rounded shrub with attractive red branches. White clustered flowers in summer are followed by berries that attract birds in winter
Cornus stolonifera 'Flaviramea'Yellow twig DogwoodA medium-sized, deciduous shrub forming thickets of greenish-yellow stems in winter. The colder the winter the better the colour.
Corydalis Blue LineMetallic blue flowers with character spurs above fern-like foliage. Semi-shade. protect from afternoon sun
Dahlia sp.DahliaGenerally dark purple/bronze leaves. Flowers pink, red, yellow or marmalade. Needs full sun.
Dianthus superbus PrimadonnaPinkish lilac fringed flowers. A choice cut flower that will bloom all the way till frost with deadheading.
Dichroa febrifugaRare semi-evergreen shrub with dark blue star flowers followed by iridescent blue berries
Dierama pulcherrimumPink angels fishing rodStrong growing strap leafed plant with tall, nodding pink flowers. Looks good over water.
Dietes grandifloraIris - Wild Evergreen with narrow foliage and pretty upward facing pale mauve/pink iris-like flowers in spring.
Dodonaea viscosaAn attractive Australian native shrub with leathery foliage and small ornamental seed pods in summer. Fast growing..
Eomecon chionathaSnow poppyVigorous groundcover for the shade with attractive large white flowers
Erigeron glaucus 'Albus'Beach AsterA tough, low growing mounding semi perennial with large white daisy type flowers. Loves sun and heat.
Erigeron karvinskianusSeaside DaisyTrailing groundcover that is beautiful cascading over walls or pots. It spreads 3-5 feet wide and grows in full sun. Frost hardy, drought tolerant.
Eryngium planumSea HollyClump-forming perennial with summer blooms of steel-blue, thistle-like flower heads on branched stems above a rosette of dark green leaves.
Escallonia macranthaA tough and reliable, fast growing evergreen shrub with an abundance of fragrant pink/red flowers in summer. Excellent for hedging
ForsythiaDeciduous shrub with good autumn colour. Bright yellow flowers in spring. Full sun. Prune into required shape
Francoa sonchifolia Bridal wreath - Pink Many 70cm tall pink flower spikes rise from the centre of the attractive evergreen foliage. Dry shade, although will handle some moisture.
Francoa sonchifolia 'Pink Giant' Large spikes of bicolored pink petals bloom heartily and reliably year after year, growing up to 1 metre tall. Part shade
Fuchsia FuchsiaPretty pendulous flowers from late spring to autumn. Best in morning sun or semi shade.
Fuchsia CoralleDusty blue green foliage with pendulous coral coloured flowers during summer. Great for pots or in the shade garden.
Fuchsia procumbensTrailing fuchsiaCreeping NZ endemic prostrate shrub, shade, moist well-drained soil flowers late summer. Deciduous in colder areas. N. Island NZ
Fuchsia x bacillarisDwarf pink fuchsiaFountains of tiny deep green leaves and a myriad of minute light pink flowers for months and months through summer and early autumn.
Gardenia florida StandardAttractive, low maintenance shrus with exquisitely perfumed large, creamy white flowers and glossy green leaves.
Geranium macrorrhizumLow ground cover with shiny green leaves and pale pink flowers
Geranium phaeum 'Samobor'Samobor cranesbillThe great charm of the leaves is in the brown purple blotches that surround the base of each lobe. Tall, airy flower spikes bear purple flowers.
Geranium phaeum LividusSoft lilac grey flowers held well above leaves. Tolerates shade and dry. Frost hardy, evergreen
Grevillea lanigera 'Mt Tamboritha'Neat spreading groundcover with tiny oval leaves, showy pink-cream flowers in winter-spring.
Haloragis erecta 'Wellington Bronze'Erect SeaberryHardy small shrub with attractive saw-toothed bronze and purple leaves. Frost hardy
HebeMauve flowers on a neat evergreen bun shaped shrub. Hardy, full sun,
Hebe 'Turkish Delight'HebeFull sun. Dark burgundy coloured leaves 25cm high by 25cm
Hebe franciscana ‘Waireka'The cream and green foliage makes this evergreen Hebe truly stand out and the deep violet blue flowers certainly add to the appeal of this exceptional plant.
Helichrysum argyrophyllumGolden guinea everlastingFull sun. Good silver foliage, small yellow straw flowers.12cm high and spreading.
Helichrysum petiolareLicorice PlantA soft, vigorous shrub with dense, aromatic roundish leaves which are covered with silver-grey hairs. Creamy-white flowers in summer
Helichrysum tianshanicum Iciclessilver leafed tidy shrub with lemon yellow flowers summer/autumn.nTough sun loving. One of the best. Long lived, good shape.
Helleborus orientalisWinter roseThe very long-lasting winter/spring flowers run the gamut from white, green, pink, purple and cream. Part Shade
Hemerocallis DaylilyHardy and easily grown in a sunny or partly shaded position with fertile, moist, well-drained soil. The flowers turn to face the sun.
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle'flower heads the size of dinner plates in summer open green and fade to green after flowering; big balls of flowers up to 20-25cm across
Hydrangea aspera RocklonTall growing with slender leaves. Very large white lacecap flowers with pink/mauve sterile florets. Rare.
Hydrangea macrophylla assortedHydrangeaDeciduous shrub with large pink or blue summer flowers, depending on the acidity of the spoil. Best in part shade.
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Ayesha'Giant mop-heads of pink to mauve which resemble lilac flower panicles arrive en masse over the shrubby frame.
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Variegata'Variegated hydrangeaPink or blue flowers (depending on soil acidity) with white and green variegated leaves
Hydrangea macrophylla NigraBlack stemmed hydrangeaPastel coloured blooms, colour dependent on soil acidity. Features black stems
Hydrangea paniculataPee gee hydrangeaVery pretty large, robust shrub with showy white panicles of flowers throughout summer and autumn. Good autumn foliage colour.
Hydrangea petiolarisClimbing hydrangeaPretty white climbing hydrangea. The true hydrangea.
Hydrangea quercifoliaOakleaf hydrangeaMorning sun. White flowers, very good Autumn leaf colour. 1.5m high by 2m
Hydrangea serrataLarge sepals form a ring around the central florets. Pink or blue depending on the soil acidity
Iris louisiana PinkAmerican Swamp IrisLate spring/early summer flowering iris. Can be grown in the garden or submerged in water in pots as pond water plants.
Isotoma axillaris BlueA low growing native perennial with sof linear leaves. Flowers profusely from spring to autumn with soft blue star shaped flowers. Bird attracting native.
Kerria japonica 'Pleniflora'Bright yellow double flowers in late winter/spring almost smother the arching stems of this deciduous shrub. Cut back after flowering.
Kniphofia citrinaPoker Yellow15cm “clubs” of lime green flowers, that fade to yellow & back to green as they age. Long blooming from Spring through to Summer
Lagerstroemia indica x fauriei 'Tuscarora'red crepe myrtleOne of the best Crepe myrtles with vibrant red flower heads in summer. Very adaptable and hardy. Frost, drought hardy. Plant in full sun for best flowering.
Lamium maculatum RoseaForms a spreading patch of small silver leaves with a narrow green edge with clusters of pink flowers from spring to autumn. Needs part Shade
Lavandula dentataFrench LavenderVery aromatic mauve flowers from autumn through to spring held above fern-like grey foliage. Full sun. Excellent drainage.
Lavandula stoechas x viridis 'Avonview' Avonview LavenderAttractive, spreading small shrub with soft aromatic grey-green foliage and a compact habit.
Ledebouria cooperiCooper's squillOften overlooked, this sweet little bulbous perennial. Olive green leaves are nicely marked with purple striping and decorated with rosy pink flowers
Ledebouria petiolataAttractive shade loving groundcover with maroon spotted green leaves and spires of small white flowers.
Lepechinia salviaePitcher sageShrubby and aromatic perennial bears spikes of burgundy flowers in spring. Heat tolerant in average soil.
Leptospermum rotundifolium 'Julie Ann'Dense foliage of tiny dark-green rounded leaves. Large purplish-pink flowers October to December and March. Excellent rockery plant. Frost hardy
Leycesteria formosa Himalayan honeysuckleUpright deciduous shrub producing pendulous clusters of purple-red bracts.
Leycesteria formosa AureaGolden Himalayan honeysuckleDeciduous golden leaves with pendulous red flower spikes in summer. Dark red autumn fruit. Bird attracting
Libertia grandifloraNew Zealand IrisSprays of clear pure white flowers above strappy leaves. New Zealand native. Full sun.
Liriope 'Gigantea'Evergreen grasslike clump with tall spires of lavender blue flowers in summer. Takes full sun down to deep shade, but hates wet feet.
Liriope Royal PurpleA tough evergreen perennial with green strappy leaves and spires of purple flowers held well above the foliage. Semi shade
Lonicera nitida Box honeysuckleSmall leafed evergreen shrub suitable for hedging or topiary. Very fast growing so a good substitute for Box.
Lychnis coronaria AlbaRose Campion - WhiteMassed heads of pure white flowers on grey stems above clumps of grey woolly hairy leaves. Full sun.
Lychnis flos-cuculi 'Nana'Finely cut, pink, star-shaped flowers Glossy, blue-green, spoon-shaped foliage Tight, dwarf, compact habit
Lychnis flos-jovis 'Peggy'Spring-flowering woodland perennial produces strong pink/purple flowers above grey hairy leaves
Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker'Purple loosestrifeLemon yellow flowers on chocolate foliage. Sun
Lysimachia congestiflora 'Persian Carpet'Perennial groundcover with dark chocolate leaves and yellow flowers in spring. Part sun/shade. Suitable hanging basket. Hardy.
Mandevilla WhiteAn evergreen climber that grows to 3-4m with a white flower in spring/autumn
Maurandya barclayanaAngel's TrumpetFast growing semi-deciduous creeper, hardy and tough with purple trumpet flowers spring to autumn.
Monarda 'Schneewittchen'One of the best white forms of bee balm in Australia, with tufts of white petals looking like a top know on the flower head. Good for sunny position.
Monarda didymaBergamotAncient herb and attractive border perennial flowering in summer. This is the red flowered form of bergamot, easy in rich clay based soils.
Muscari armeniacumGrape hyacinthDense, fragrant spikes of cobalt-blue flowers. Superb when planted en masse and allowed to self-sow freely. Simple-to-grow, durable bulbs
Nandina domesticaSacred bambooColourful red and green foliage which makes this a very effective accent plant. Small, white flowers are followed by red berries.
Nepeta x faasseniiCatmintGrey foliage with pretty mauve flowers. Good compact grower, excellent edging plant
Nicotiana 'Pink Sensation'Fragrant pink trumpet-shaped flowers cover plants from Jan until the first frost
Nicotiana mutabilisPink night scented tobaccoAiry stems of marshmallow pink flowers fade through many subtle shades of pink as each is pollinated. Sow seeds at any time.
Oenothera speciosa 'Delicate Pink'Pink Evening Primrosepretty pink flowers all summer, vigorous sun loving ground cover, drought tolerant when established
Ophiopogon planiscapusBlack Mondo GrassNeat dwarf black foliage makes this a must addition to define paths and edge of borders. Full sun, drought hardy once established
Orthrosanthus polystachyusPretty sky blue flowers in spring/summer. Strappy foliage like iris. Very hardy and withstands drought and frost. Sow seeds at any time.
Parthenociccus sikkimensisVery attractive evergreen, five-lobed leaves of dark green and can be either a mat-like groundcover or a climber, as it clings onto walls. It is best in shade or semi-shade.
PelargoniumAttractive green leaves with dark plum markings. Flowers spring, summer and autumn.Best in full sun. Frost tender.
Penstemon barbatus coccineusHardy free flowering shrub with spires of orange/red flowers in late spring/summer. Very hardy.
Penstemon hirsutus PygmaeusDwarf plant with lavender and white blossoms over prostrate evergreen foliage, reddish autumn tones
Penstemon x 'Alice Hindley'Alice hindley penstemonPretty pale mauve flowers with white throat stand tall above the dense leaves. Dead head to promote flowering. Best in full sun.
Penstemon x 'Garnet'Red penstemonElegant spikes of small, tubular flowers appear from November to January among lance-shaped, bright green leaves. full sun, good drainage
Penstemon x 'Hidcote Pink'Pink penstemonA fully hardy perennial semi-evergreen plant with pink flowers. It grows well in semi-shade and direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water.
Penstemon x 'Sour Grapes'Sour grapes penstemonElegant spikes of purple tubular, foxglove-like flowers with white throat among lance-shaped, bright green leaves. Best in full sun
Penstemon x 'Swan Lake'White penstemonPerennial plant with white trumpet flowers on upright stems. Blooms summer to autumn. Deadhead regularly. Dry tolerant once established.
Penstemon x Willys PurpleLarge upright growing penstemon with dark purple flowers
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Blue Spire'Russian sageForms a bushy upright clump of greyish leaves that are lacy and fragrant. Spikes of rich violet-blue flowers appear in high summer. Versatile plant
Persicaria microcephala Red DragonRed dragon fleeceflowerSemi-evergreen vigorous spreading erect perennial, burgundy leaves, tiny white flowers summer/autumn. Full sun/part shade. Moist soil required.
Persicaria virginiana Painter's PaletteLeaves are variegated with cream and green, with an unusual V-shaped chocolate-brown marking. Beautiful when massed as a ground cover
Phalaris arundinacea picta FeeseyVery hardy beautiful white grass with deeper green edges. Wonderful contrast foliage for those harder to plant areas. Each blade bows over to form a skirt of snow.
Phlomis grandiflora ‘Lloyds Variety’ Jerusalem sageCompact form of Jerusalem sage. Flowers of yellow whorls around stems. Repeat flowers. Hardy bush for well-drained soil. Mediterranean
Phlomis italicaWoolly, grey leaves with whorls of clear pink flowers in spring. Hardy. Good drainage. Full Sun
Phlomis purpurea x crinita Lemon BlushBlush edged soft lemon flowers sit in tall whorls above velvety leaves. Tough for hot dry gardens.
Phlomis russelianaTurkish sagebold, rough-textured, grey-green leaves and soft yellow flowers on tall slender stems. Bird and bee attracting. Excellent weed smotherer.
Phlox stolonifera ‘Blue Ridge’Low, spreading groundcover with soft mauve flowers in spring
Phlox subulata DanielPink alpine PhloxShowy clusters of bright pink flowers cover the foliage throughout spring. Prefers a sunny or semi-shaded site. Hardy to cold and dry.
Phlox subulata MauveMauve alpine PhloxA happy groundcover plant for the sun with lovely mauve flowers that can smother the plant in spring. Very hardy.
Phormium tenaxNew Zealand FlaxA stunning, hardy,evergreen clumping plant with green strap-like leaves. In spring it produces long, dark, upright floral spikes.
Physocarpus opulifolius 'Darts Gold'Golden ninebarkCompact deciduous suckering shrub, leaves bright yellow when young. Clusters small white flowers. Autumn colour. Showy bark. Sun/part shade.
Plantago major 'Purple Ruffle'Fringed Purple PlantainVigourous ornamental groundcover with ruffled and frilled purple leaves. Seeds freely. Deciduous. Sow any time
Plectranthus argentatusOne of the few silver leaf plants that can grow in shade. An Australian native plant. This silver leafed sub-shrub bears upright mauve flowers over summer.
Poa labillardieriTussock grassEasy to grow clumping grass with dainty flower heads. Tough, great in harsh conditions.
Podophyllum Spotty DottyAttractive perennial with huge lobed umbrella-shaped leaves boldly marked with rich chocolate-brown spots. Sweetly-scented garnet-coloured flower
Prunella Bella PinkA stunning hardy perennial, flowering through summer with an abundance of pink coloured blooms above cutleaf groundcover foliage.
Ratibida columnifera Red MidgetDwarf Red Prairie Cone flowerBlooms with long narrow cones with deep scarlet petals. Full sun.
Rhodanthemum 'African Eyes'Low growing, spreading evergreen perennial with creamy-white daisy type flowers with dark centres. Flowers prolifically.
Rhodoxis 'Hebron Farm Pink'Small bright pink flowers in late spring/early summer. Quite a statement in the garden or as a pot speciman.
Ribes sanguineumPink Ornamental currantA deciduous shrub, with shallowly lobed, slightly aromatic leaves and pendent racemes of tubular pink flowers in spring.
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Rubra'Pink rosemary
Rudbeckia fulgida var. deamiiConeflower - Deam'sPerennial with golden orange flowers with large chocolate cone during summer and autumn. Full sun
Ruscus aculeatusButcher's broomClump-forming shrub with upright branched shoots. Very prickly. Part shade to shade
Salvia 'Fuchsia'Very showy fuchsia coloured flowers cover this Salvia from mid summer to autumn. Very pretty
Salvia buchananiiA compact plant with shiny foliage and quite large velvety cerise hairy flowers.
Salvia chamaedryoides 'Marine Blue'Compact grey foliage with bright blue flowers late spring to autumn. Full sun , drought tolerant, frost hardy
Salvia chamelaeagneaAromatic shrub from South Africa. Dense, bushy habit. The flowers have a mid-blue upper lip and a pale blue lower lip
Salvia dorisiana 'Hotlips'Flowers red, white and two-tone combinations all on the same plant, often at the same time. Full sun. Hardy
Salvia greggii 'Christine Yeo'A salvia with a very tidy habit. Violet purple flowers with a white eye throughout the warmer months makes this a must in any garden. Bee and butterfly attracting.
Salvia gregii BlueRich cobalt blue flowers from late summer to autumn. Best in full sun.
Salvia guaranitica Blue sageFrost tolerant winter dormant variety with sky blue flowers in mid summer. Tall and self supporting.
Salvia guaranitica 'Black and Blue'Black and Blue SageVigorous blue flowering salvia with black bracts cover the tall plant throughout the warmer months up to the first frost
Salvia involucrata 'Joan' Pink sageLovely textured leaves & bright pink flowers over almost the entire growing season. Tough plant, frost and drought hardy. Recommended for beginners.
Salvia koyamaePart shade. Yellow flowers. Low, sprawling habit. Summer and Autumn flowering.
Salvia leucanthaMexican sageDrought tolerant free flowering shrub covered with mauve flowers throughout late summer/autumn. Full sun, good drainage
Salvia lyrataTall stems of blue flowers above green leaves with red veins. Sun
Salvia microphylla 'Cyclamen'Medium shrub with cerise flowering summer/autumn Full sun to sun position in a general soil conditions
Salvia microphylla 'Huntington Red'SageBrilliant red flowering ornamental sage. Full sun
Salvia microphylla 'Killer cranberry'Small bright shiny leaves with brilliant burgundy flowers. Full sun, Bee attracting.
Salvia microphylla 'Pink BlushClear rich pink flowers on a neat twiggy plant with good green leaves. Very tolerant of hot, dry weather and tolerant of drought
Salvia nemorosa 'Caradona'
Salvia x 'African Sky'Sun. Pretty blue flowers. Long flowering.
Salvia x jamensis 'La Luna'Sun. Soft pale lemon flowers with bright green leaves. Evergreen
Sambucus nigraDeciduous multistemmed shrub with green summer foliage turning golden in autumn and pretty white flowers in spring.
Sanguisorba officianalis St PhilibertMaroon coloured pom pom bud flowers on tall stems above pinnate clumping foliage in autumn. Great in the garden or meadow planting. Full sun.
Sarcococca ruscifoliaSweet boxA dense, low-growing, sometimes suckering, broadleaf evergreen shrub with a compact habit with fragrant flowers. Excellent shade plant.
SarraceniaA carnivorous plant that attracts insects and other small animals to the colours and sweet secretions of its pitchers.
Saxifraga fortuneiStunning white or pink autumn flowers smother this little shade loving plant. Great for pots or edge of garden bed
Scabiosa columbaria 'Mauve'Compact mound of grey-green leaves, bearing large, button-shaped flowers in pale mauve summer to autumn. Full sun. Hardy
Scabiosa columbaria 'Misty Butterflies'Elegant lilac to pink blooms on compact mounds of green foliage.
Scabiosa farinosaEvergreen rounded mound with dark, glossy green leaves. Lavender blue pincushion flowers are borne on 10cm tall stalks in spring and summer
Senecio cineraria 'Cirrus'RagwortAn evergreen sub-shrub, with elliptic, toothed or lobed, silvery-grey felted leaves to 15cm in length, sometimes with clusters of yellow daisies in summer
Senecio serpensBlue Chalk SticksA drought tolerant groundcover succulent with striking blue fleshy cylindrical foliage. Suitable for coastal gardens as it withstands salt spray. Frost tolerant.
Senecio vira viraGrey foliage looks almost white in full sun. One of the best foliage plant for the garden. Well drained.
Silene asteriasCherry drumsticksAmazing colour combination of maroon globular heads with blue anthers above smooth shiny leaves. Hardy. Sun. Rare
Sisyrinchium palmifoliumYellow - Eyed GrassLarge yellow star shaped flowers on repeatedly branching stems. The more sun - the more flowers. Sow at any time.
Sisyrinchium striatumFull sun. Tall strappy leaves with spikes of pale yellow blooms in Summer.
Soleirolia soleiroliiBaby's tearsAn evergreen, emerald-green creeping ground cover with tiny leaves. It is a soft, velvet-like carpet growing 2.5cm high.
Sorbaria sorbifoliaLarge growing shrub with panicles of white flowers in summer and strong autumn colours
Spiraea japonica AlbifloraHardy deciduous low growing shrub with white flowers in early summer
Stachys byzantina 'Silky Fleece'Full sun. Silver grey foliage, purple flowers in Summer. Grows to 15cm high by 30cm
Stachys byzantina Big EarsLamb's-earsDense ground cover grown for its foliage. Likes well drained, open sunny position. Larger than the species.
Stellaria holosteaA dainty ground cover almost completely covered with masses of star-shaped white flowers for most of the year. Ideal for rockeries, hanging baskets or containers.
Strawberry Red GauntletA very good strawberry variety because of its high yields and extended fruiting season, and the ability to withstand cooler periods .
Styrax hemsleyanusHemsley snowballLarge growing conical tree with long, and clusters of cup-shaped flowers in early summer
SucculentInteresting leaf and plant shapes of succulents make them useful asgarden and pot plants. Full sun, easy care.
Symphytum grandiflorumOrnamental comfreyShade loving ground cover, insect attracting
Symphytum tuberosumPerennial forming neat clumps with deeply veined leaves. Pretty pendulous pale yellow/cream flowers in spring. Best in sun to part shade.
Syringa wolfii Manchurian lilacMauve/lilac scented spring flowers. Golden yellow autumn colour. Grows to 3-4m high.
Tagetes lemmoniiTree marigoldFragrant leaves smelling of tropical fruit salad when brushed against, has rich yellow typical French marigold like flowers autumn to mid winter.
Tanacetum vulgareGreen ferny-leafed sub-shrub with bright yellow button-like flowers with a flat top grow in clusters. Excellent for attracting bees and insects
Taxus baccataYewForms a superb, dense, evergreen tree that can easily be hedged, with bright red berries. Tolerant of hard garden conditions.
Tellima grandifloraRosette-forming perennial with attractive kidney-shaped leaves. Greenish white airy flowers.
Teucrium massilienseGermanderA low growing evergreen shrub which makes a formal looking round mound of crinkled dark green leaves. Spikes of light pink flowers are produced in spring
Teucrium scorodonia 'Crispum Marginatum'Wood sageFrilly edged leaves with small cream flowers. Weed smothering
Teucrium x lucidrys 'Prostratum'Prostrate germanderA cushion-like ground cover with pink-purple flowers appear in loose spikes, attracting bees. Leaves are evergreen, toothed and dense. Excellent edging plant
Thalictrum delavayiLavender showersPretty wands of purple haze float in the air in the summer months. Bee attracting.
Thymus longicaulis 'Chaubardii'Vigourous mat-forming dark green leafed groundcover with pretty pink/mauve flowers. Well drained, sun
Tritonia gladiolarisFan shaped foliage with sprays of pink flowers, that appear in late Spring to early summer. Night fragrant
Veltheimia bracteataStrap-like foliage with wavy edges, part shade, Summer dormant in cold areas, pink or yellow flowers in late autumn and summer
Veronica incanaSilver speedwellSpreading grey leafed groundcover with purple flower spikes in summer.
Veronica longifolia ‘Blue Giant’Tall growing speedwell with narrow upright spires of intense blue in summer/autumn. Best in full sin.
Veronica spicataPerennial evergreen plant with spikes of blue flowers late spring or early summer. Sun/part shade. Deadhead regularly.
Veronica spicata 'Barcarolle' PinkSoft pink flower rise up from dark evergreen matt forming groundcover. Very showy. Sun
Viburnum opulusEastern snowballPure white lacecap flowers and stunning translucent orange-red berries in large clusters in autumn.
Viola hederaceaNative VioletEdible flowers, perennial groundcover. Full sun to partial shade, seasonal watering
Viola PinkSmall pink flowers are borne in spring above large glossy rounded leaves. Excellent groundcover. Shade to semi-shade
Viola PurpleSmall purple flowers are borne in spring above large glossy rounded leaves. Excellent groundcover. Shade to semi-shade
Weigela florida VariegataOld fashioned weigelaA compact deciduous shrub with variegated leaves. In early summer it is covered in clusters of pale pink funnel-shaped flowers.
Westringia fruticosa `Smokey`Variegated coastal rosemary A small shrub with soft grey-green and white variegated foliage with small white flowers, which are attractive to butterflies. Needs full sun.
Yucca filamentosa VariegataHairy leaves are green with a stunning creamy white margin that remains bright all year. Tall stalks of white bell-shaped flowers in late spring
Zauschneria ‘Silver Select’Intensely silver leaves on 60-80cm stems which carry large scarlet trumpets from early in the new year until late autumn.
Zephyranthes candidaRain lilyFunnel-shaped pearl-white summer flowers with dark green rush-like foliage. Sun or part shade.