Our site is evolving, so there are many areas that will progress during the seasons.

Of particular interest are the following:


  • Nursery – An eclectic range of hardy plants for your own garden many of which are featured growing in the gardens.
  • Ponds of Reflection and the newly planted native gardens filled with birdlife.
  • Rondel. An interesting area and space for reflection.
  • Birch Grove featuring 22 different types of silver birch underplanted with the national Tony Davis daffodil collection and “Wings of Love” sculpture by Tony Emmett
  • Foundation walk with John Olsen’s Leaping Frog sculpture adjacent to the crab apple walk and eucalypt grove.
  • Winter Garden featuring the national collection of dwarf dogwoods. The new picnic shelter nearby provides a welcome respite stop for your picnic.
  • Bring the children to visit the playground (opening June 2020), hunt for teddy bears or puzzle through the meadow labyrinth