Why become a Friend?

Being a Friend is one of the best ways to experience and enjoy this new botanic garden, one of the newest in Australia. The garden has no funding from council or government and we rely on the community to help develop and maintain it. So, this is your garden; it belongs to you as a member of the community.

As a Friend, you can join in as often as you like, doing what you enjoy doing – it all helps establish this valuable asset.

As a Friend, your contribution can be something slightly active, like pottering with some gardening; or not so active, like sharing your knowledge in a hobby or passion such as art or photography. Or you might just want to enjoy coming to the garden to get some fresh air, some passive exercise, have picnic, and enjoy the difference in the seasons.

Probably the most valuable benefit as a Friend is meeting other Friends, who are likely to become your friends too. We have over 300 financial members of the Friends so, become a Friend and help us grow.

Become a Friend today