What type of Gift can you leave in your Will?

So many people choose to support us during their lifetime – to express their love of gardens and this garden in particular. Often a gift in your Will is a natural extension to ensure future support. After family and loved ones are looked after, a bequest may be the largest donation many of us will be able to make.

There are several ways of making a bequest, depending on what is best for you and your family. You can select the one you are most comfortable with.

Whole or part of your estate

If you have no other beneficiaries in mind, you could leave your whole estate to the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens or you could leave any part of your estate.

Residual gift

Give your family and other loved ones exactly as you think appropriate, then give the residue of your estate to the Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens.

A percentage or fixed sum of money

You may choose to nominate a percentage of the value of your estate or a fixed cash sum. Either way we are very grateful for the support you are giving to the gardens.

Specific bequest

You can identify a gift in the form of a particular asset such as a piece of real property or other.

Our supporters usually choose to make their gift for ‘general purposes’ because, at the time of making their will, the garden is growing and maturing and will take many years for it to become fully established.

A gift made today for ‘general purposes’ gives more flexibility and less administration than a specific gift. A ‘general purpose gift’ would be put to good use in the development of the garden that is happening now.

Depending on the size of your gift, it could be allocated to, say, a specific project such as the amphitheatre, the Visitor Centre, the parterre garden or the Louisa Atkinson Fern Garden, creating an ongoing memory of you.

If you would like to discuss a special purpose gift, we ask you to call us to discuss.